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[audio]Kemn109 - Snowfade
Snowfade project start in the last months of 2008 like a side project of Marco Grosso, just active with Ouroboros, Permafrost, Dust Eater and Mind Infinity. Snowfade moving into dark ambient genre, with a lot of elements like drones, soundscapes, vocal samples, cinematic inserts and keyboards melodic parts, also in experimental ways. Snowfade is also the live project of Marco Grosso the shows are played with the help of visual films...
Keywords: Dark; Ambient; Experimental; Drone
Downloads: 308
[audio]Caerula Sanguis - Facing Infinity without Flinching Kemn119 - Riccardo Zanella
Raindrops. Solitude. Rage. Little hopes. Rust. Old dusty things. Discoloured photos. Unwanted things.
Keywords: Electronica; Psychedelic; Avantgarde; Pop; Experimental
Downloads: 45
[audio]Kemn120 - Riccardo Zanelli
Raindrops. Solitude. Rage. Little hopes. Rust. Old dusty things. Discoloured photos. Unwanted things.
Keywords: Electronica; Psychedelic; Avantgarde; Pop
Downloads: 25
[audio]Kemn110 - Deadhorsemort - A Priori - Deadhorsemort
This album represents the power of true belief versus true delusion and the uncertainties that come from these powerful questions of the self. Absolute knowledge of ones self may be possible to achieve but perhaps can never truly be realized, understood, nor embraced. Being merely only human, empirical truth can only be discovered through the filters and limits of finite realities. The deeper or meditative truth in you is not subjected to time, space, experience, nor the opinions of others, but ...
Keywords: Dark; Ambient; Experimental; Drone
Downloads: 431
[audio]Kemn117 Xalm Retribution - Error Fields - Xalm Retribution
Xalm Retribution |real name Sergey Pakhomov| was born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1986. the first experience in writing music came in 2004 in a variety of dance styles. in the period from 2005 to 2006 were recorded the first tracks in ambient style. the accumulated huge amount of music material were out in first dark ambient release in 2009. each album of project is own idea, the story of any events or the expression of feelings through music...
Keywords: Dark; Ambient; Experiemental; Electronic
Downloads: 388
[audio]Kemn121 - Xalm Retribution
Dark Ambient act from Russia Official Web-Site: http://x-rtb.net Web-Pages [En]: http://myspace.com/xalmretribution Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Xalm+Retribution Contact E-mail: f98sd97@gmail.com Cover art by Barbara Lubas luba.bas@gmail.com
Keywords: Dark; Ambient; Industrial; Experimental
Downloads: 324
[audio]Kemn122_Nebel - De Profundis - Nebel
Dark Ambient/Neclassical/Industrial project from France CONTACT: nebel@sfr.fr kriegmusik@hotmail.fr
Keywords: Dark; Ambient; Industrial; Neoclassical; Martial
Downloads: 369
[audio]Svartkirke Records "Svartkirke Records" [KEMn124] - Riccardo Zanella
Svartkirke Records is a side project of Riccardo Zanella. The "Side A" was improvised live with a Korg MS10 and a Viscount PCM R64s. "Side B" was created with a Davolisint and a Formanta ÐанÑал. Effects and final editing done with Ableton Live 7. Originally released by Svartkirke Records on CDr. Only 10 copies per album were made. absinthe777@hotmail.com
Keywords: experimental; electronic
Downloads: 206
[audio]Kemn120 - Forests And Communism
Raindrops. Solitude. Rage. Little hopes. Rust. Old dusty things. Discoloured photos. Unwanted things.
Keywords: Electronica; Avantgarde; Psychedelic; Pop
Downloads: 301
[audio]Matrushka "Seegeschenke" [kemn23] - Matrushka
From Matrushka: This release is the first were I have used new recording techniques to achieve a more organic sound - a natural sound that is unpolished. When sound is slightly off, or slightly broken, with clicks, pops and crackle, I always get very excited so I tried to explore that within the ambient/minimal setting that I've been working in the past months. This is a new direction for Matrushka, not only when it comes to recording, but also my general ideas and perspectives on sound and what...
Keywords: ambient; industrial; noise
Downloads: 1,081 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Hoarfrost "Dungeon" [KEMn3] - Hoarfrost
"Dungeon" speaks of man's isolation. It delves into darkness, hopelessness, and the impossibility of escape from pain (both emotional and physical).
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial
Downloads: 6,515
[audio]Schlafwagen "A nagy üresség EP" [KEMn4] - Schlafwagen
Schlafwagen is a dark ambient, industrial, noise, power electronics two-men project from Hungary, Budapest. This debut ep is about that Great Emptiness being around us. This is a way for us to come out from it…
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial; noise; power; electronics
Downloads: 4,111
[audio]soundZcapa "The Blood Wood" [KEMn6] - soundZcapa
soundZcapa (Zsolt Székelyhidi) is a mainly experimental and improvisative, noise and ambient music project from Hungary, Budapest. Its albums released in the past two years have a noisy distorted sound, some industrial senses and unusual rhythmic layers. The Blood Wood EP: Living among woods on the hills perhaps makes different feelings in heart. Sometimes it makes to be calm, sometimes suggests strange, dark moods...
Keywords: noise; industrial; harsh; power; electronics
Downloads: 1,392
[audio]Antihuman "The Fly" [KEMn7] - Antihuman
Antihuman is a project founded in 2003 by Jacek Lechwar. At the beginning of activity his music was a kind of minimalistic and psychedelic industrial but with each next release sounds were more noisy and chaotic. "The Fly" is an essence of his style. The main theme of this project is antihumanism. And what is wrong with homo sapiens? They are selfish, f**king group explaining their superiority among other breeds by so stupid argument - intelligence.
Keywords: noise; chaos; antihumanism
Downloads: 1,123
[audio]Technology Of Silence "Technology Of Silence" [KEMn8] - Technology Of Silence
Technology of Silence is a story about Post-Nuclear City... is a story about people, who lived in this City...is a story about ecological catastrophe... about human madness... human fears... and about eternal searching into loneliness. "Technology of Silence" is the first ToS's album recorded in 2004.
Keywords: industrial; electronic; ambient
Downloads: 19,423
[audio]Agla "VIII" [KEMn10] - Agla
Agla shows the world of ghosts and their intervention in human life. Music mostly inspirated by asian horror movies.
Keywords: dark; ambient; horror
Downloads: 4,666 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Roberto Maldoror Manfredini "Dominando Le Fiere" [KEMn9] - Roberto Maldoror Manfredini
In the line of neurotic-tribal, a collection of rhythms, trance sessions from italian, african and asian voodoo rituals and exorcism, with some industrial suggestions.
Keywords: voodoo; experiment; lo-fi; industrial
Downloads: 18,084 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Front Sonore "Old World" [KEMn14] - Front Sonore

Keywords: industrial; experimental
Downloads: 2,053
[audio]Front Sonore "Ideologic Warfare" [KEMn16] - Front Sonore
Industrial story about war and ideology.
Keywords: industrial; war; ideology
Downloads: 2,810
[audio]Deft Aphid & soundZcapa "The House Built By A Storm" [KEMn17] - Deft Aphid & soundZcapa
This is a synergistic 5 tracks work between Deft Aphid (Poland) and soundZcapa (Hungary). A story about a weird house standing alone the hill high. A house rattles and hums in the middle of the night and noone knows its unholy secret, only the wind.
Keywords: industrial; experiment
Downloads: 1,761
[audio]CausaliDox "Autumnland" [KEMn15] - CausaliDox

Keywords: industrial; dark; ambient; experiment
Downloads: 1,684
[audio]Front Sonore "La Marche" [KEMn18] - Front Sonore
Industrial from France.
Keywords: industrial
Downloads: 2,127
[audio]I.V.Lab "Process In Time" [KEMn19] - I.V.Lab
Dark ambient / tribal / industrial project from Poland. "Process In Time" is a sonic reflection about instability. Everything changes and evolves.
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial; tribal
Downloads: 3,882
[audio]Mr.XIII, Mr.S, Cpt.Mission "Surreal Blasphemy in 3 Parts" [KEMn20] - Mr.XIII, Mr.S, Cpt.Mission
"Surreal Blasphemy in 3 Parts" is an effect of cooperation of three persons: Mr.XIII, Mr.S and Cpt.Mission. Combination of various styles and expressions included in three songs.
Keywords: surreal; experiment; electronic
Downloads: 1,291
[audio]V/A "See you in sanitarium" [KEMn21] - Various Artists
We are immersed in the ocean of madness. Featuring: Roto Visage, Dossier Lomokome, Burma Project, Hoarfrost, Nebel, Roberto Maldoror Manfredini, Belltonesuicide, Schlafwagen, Tiara, Heiliges Licht, I.V.Lab, Background Projection, Sektionine, Gabinetto di Guerra, Karsten Hamre, Rapeshower, Technology of Silence, Abandoned Asylum, K., CausaliDox, Mrcien, Voyvoda, Retro
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial; experimental; noise
Downloads: 11,352
[audio]Heiliges Licht presents "Friendship is everything" [KEMn22] - Heiliges Licht
"Friendship is everything" is an effect of cooperation between Heiliges Licht and few other artists. From friends for friends.
Keywords: industrial; martial; millitary
Downloads: 3,277
[audio]Schlafwagen "Schaumar Independent" [kemn25] - Schlafwagen
Schaumar = Solymár, a hungarian little town near Budapest. In history it had completely ruined and rebuilt in several times. There were many endemics, disasters, and of course many delights... But its people had always a dignity and something more. Maybe called a might of pride.
Keywords: industrial; dark; ambient; noise
Downloads: 971
[audio]Globoscuro "You'll Be a Lamp of the Morning" [kemn24] - Globoscuro
Born in 2001 in Italy, Globoscuro project is a dump of slow-moving chaotic industrial, Ummagumma-like psychedelic and ambient, with disturbing vocal interventions. With this release for Kaos ex Machina, the first work since 2002, Emiliano Pietrini and Fabrizio Barsanti - this time with Manuel Lombardi - explore a more ambient and percussive territory.
Keywords: industrial; experiment; ambient; psychedelic
Downloads: 7,702
[audio]Sacrum "Omega" [KEMn26] - Sacrum
From Sacrum: Scrappy sonic record of the transgression of worthless human vanishing.
Keywords: harsh; industrial; power; electronics
Downloads: 684
[audio]Technology Of Silence "Out From The Silence" [KEMn27] - Technology Of Silence
"They came out from the silence..." "Out From The Silence" is the second ToS's album recorded in 2005.
Keywords: electronic; ambient
Downloads: 10,195
[audio]Front Sonore "Werewolf Resistance" [KEMn30] - Front Sonore

Keywords: industrial; millitary; martial
Downloads: 2,447
[audio]Roto Visage "The Reconstitution of Roto Visage" [KEMn31] - Roto Visage
Eleven artists come together to reinterpret, reinvent, and reconstitute the work of Roto Visage. Featuring remixes by: I.V.Lab, Pocka, Ahasverus, Conversations About The Light; Defractory, Calyx After This, Retro, Still Inertia, Worms Of The Earth, Anything In Wire, Nostalgia.
Keywords: industrial; dark; ambient
Downloads: 8,567 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]TSIDMZ "Something about the atomic age" [KEMn32] - TSIDMZ
Welcome in the atomic world created by Italian industrial project TSIDMZ (Thulesehnsucht In Der Maschinenzeit).
Keywords: industrial; experiment
Downloads: 2,243
[audio]project:a "I" [KEMn34] - project:a
From project:a: The band was formed in October 2006 with the main aim to play a different kind of music. Different from what we have in the area, mainly, and probably to discover new ways of music creation. In November 2006 we recorded our first demo containing 3 tracks. Each one of them is developed in different stylistic ways. The first one called "Clad In Purest White" represents a mix of psychedelic acoustic ambient with some experimental noise parts, finishing with neo-shamanic drums and pe...
Keywords: acoustic; ambient; psychedelic; experimental
Downloads: 802
[audio]Fear Konstruktor "The Absence of Color" [KEMn36] - Fear Konstruktor
Fear Konstruktor is an one-man Dark Ambient/Experimental project from Russia. Name of the man behind this project is Nikita aka Lynch. Fear Konstruktor already have two releases on internet, so this is the third release - The Absence of Color. Here are 7 tracks in Dark Ambient / Experimental style, all tracks have some story behind it. The main idea of the project is mixing magical, medieval and ethnic themes with the touch of mechanics and machines...
Keywords: industrial; dark; ambient
Downloads: 1,635
[audio]project:a "II" [KEMn35] - project:a
From project:a: The soulside trip started in november 2006 goes on. Dear project:a presents 3 brand new instrumental mixes of high quality psychedelic noises, ambient & improvisational music. He who heard the project's first demo will be much pleased – the new record is developed upon the best harsh pieces of the demo mixed with drum-rolls, cellar-jazz improvisations, percussion parts, acoustic guitar sessions, hallucinatory loops, hellish noise beats & positive vibrations...
Keywords: acoustic; psychedelic; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 754
[audio]Buben "Spring And All" [KEMn38] - Buben
Album based on urban sound of Minsk city. "Spring And All" is dedicated to victory of USSR troops in World War II and the Day of Victory (9 of May).
Keywords: dark; ambient; field; recordings; industrial; martial
Downloads: 1,281
[audio]soundZcapa "The First Snow" [KEMn37] - soundZcapa
New material of Hungarian project soundZcapa. More electronic and experimental. Are you dreaming about the first snow?
Keywords: experimental; electronic
Downloads: 840
[audio]Elysium "Conquer Your Fear" [KEMn40] - Elysium

Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial
Downloads: 1,312
[audio]The Lietech "Experimental Analogic Movements" [KEMn39] - The Lietech

Keywords: experimental; industrial; breaks
Downloads: 1,553
[audio]Hoarfrost / Mrok - The Girl Who Loved Tattoos [KEMn41] - Hoarfrost / Mrok
Split between two Polish dark ambient / industrial projects.
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial
Downloads: 2,187
[audio]Svart1 "Gutta Cavat Lapidem" [KEMn44] - Svart1
From Svart1: The sound of Svart1 (Raimondo Gaviano/Cagliari-Berlin) is a very impulsive mixture of rich and sometimes dense abstract analogue and digital noises, melodies and idm-like drums, often unexpected soundscapes, but at the same time it goes into warm and nice atmospheres. "Gutta Cavat Lapidem" born from the memories of a summer trip in Sardinia. Dense and unknown noises. Distant from the city confusion yet of them flood...
Keywords: noises; glitch; experiment; abstract
Downloads: 1,148
[audio]SHIBARI / SKLO split [KEMn43] - SHIBARI;SKLO
Split between Shibari (France) and Sklo (Czech Republic). Industrial / dark ambient / experiment.
Keywords: industrial; dark; ambient; experiment
Downloads: 1,715
[audio]RedZone "Strange Noise" [KEMn45] - RedZone
From RedZone: RedZone is a pseudonim of Igor Oklander. He is one of darkside trio called Medium. He begin to create his own sound, becouse he wants to realise simply dark and deep things of his head. This material is the illustration of his mostly experimental music vision.
Keywords: industrial; experiment
Downloads: 1,178
[audio]Buben "Inch" [KEMn46] - Buben
New breakcore / industrial attack from Belarus. Layout made by Thamus (www.visual-terrorism.de)
Keywords: breaks; industrial
Downloads: 1,630
[audio]Roto Visage & Jugular Notch "Everything Is Brown" [KEMn42] - Roto Visage
From RV: Brothers, Roto Visage and Jugular Notch come together in a collaboration amounting to five atmospheric tracks of epic length to accompany one's inner dialog. As an incredibly personal endeavor for both artists, "Everything Is Brown" captures and documents moments in time and every area of the psyche, from birth and childhood to death. "Everything is Brown" spawns from the entanglement of many sources, including field recordings in unsettling environments, home-made analog synthesizers, ...
Keywords: dark; ambient
Downloads: 4,245
[audio]THIRD I "MANUAL how to protect yourself from THIRD I noise" [KEMn47] - THIRD I
Retrospective compilation of THIRD I.
Keywords: harsh; noise; industrial
Downloads: 849
[audio]Buben "F.I.O." [KEMn48] - Buben

Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 1,407
[audio]Fear Konstruktor & Elysium "Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis" [KEMn49] - Fear Konstruktor & Elysium
Split release between two dark ambient / industrial projects: German Elysium & Russian Fear Konstruktor.
Keywords: dark; ambient; industrial
Downloads: 1,367
[audio]Third I "Live at Third I Theatre (Collaboration with Oyed)" [KEMn50] - Third I
Live cooperation between Third I and Oyed. Industrial / noise.
Keywords: industrial; noise
Downloads: 712
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